Sunday, February 6, 2011

Same thing again

Well, I went on that date.  We talked but not really about each other, and I did most of the talking (not on purpose though).  Things ended pretty much the way they ended the last time I went on a date: vague promises of getting together again but no sizzle or chemistry.  I think she was cute and fairly interesting, problem is I don't think she was interested in me.  Which is fine, no one is required to be interested in me, but I mean come on, someone has got to be interested in a guy like me.  I'm fairly attractive, smart, educated, I've got friends and I'm genuinely a nice person (i.e. I don't kill kittens or deal drugs).  What I'm looking for is someone who can say the same about themselves.  I'm really not that picky, most of them women I've been on dates with people have told me were well within my league.  So, tell me folks, what gives?