Friday, December 14, 2012

The Inexperienced Guy's Short Survey

Here's a short survey I'd like to ask readers.  I'd also like to ask readers to forward this to other people.  It's a favor to a friend of mine who's a data analyst.  It's sort of a study on American culture and views on dating, race, religion, and sex.  So, if you want to, you can fill this out and send it to  Or just leave a comment on this post.  Just post the question numbers (no need to write them out) and then your answer.  E.g.: 1. male 24, etc.

Some people might be a little shy or care about their privacy so we've taken some pains to protect that with the questions.  If you wish to skip a question you can. 

1. What is your gender (male/female/other)?
2. What is your age? (*if uncomfortable listing your exact age please list one of these ranges: under 18, 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 45+)
3. What race or ethnicity do you most identify with?
4. What are your religious views (if non-religious, spiritual, atheist, or agnostic please list that or if "other" please write "other")?
5. Would you ever dated someone from outside of your race or ethnic group?
             a) Have you ever done so in the past?
6. Would you ever date someone who did not share your religious views?
             a) Have you ever done so?
7. What are your views on pre-marital sex?
             a) Have you ever had pre-marital sex (sex before marriage)?
8. What are your views on casual sex (flings, one night stands, friends with benefits, etc.)?
             a) Have you ever had casual sex?
9. Do you drink alcohol?
             a) Have you ever drank alcohol?
10.Do you do any kind of recreational drugs?
             a) Have you ever done drugs?
11. Have you ever tried online dating?
             a) Would you consider doing so in the future?

That's it.  Hope to hear back from everyone real soon.