Friday, July 26, 2013

Maybe Women Are Just Attracted To Guys Like Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner admitted on Tuesday that he had not given up his sexting hobby after his resignation from congress two years ago.

First and foremost I want to express my sympathy to Huma Abedin.   It must suck to be such an accomplished woman and be overshadowed by your spouse, not for anything he's actually done professionally, but because he sent pictures of his privates electronically to several women.  At least if you're Brett Favre's spouse, you can say he's most famous for his professional career, not his side show personal life.

I really have to wonder, how does a smart, attractive, accomplished woman end up with someone like Anthony Weiner?  I understand why she probably won't divorce him (barring any more serious allegations), being a high profile couple  and all of that.  But, guys like Weiner don't just spring the sexting out of nowhere.  There's a certain culture of behavior that goes hand in hand with something like this.  A way a guy acts that tells you he's going to be a jerk.

This situation plays itself out over and over again in various ways.  It's one of those things I've noticed.  It's not that all women like men who act like complete and utter assclowns, but rather the assclowns never seem to be hard up for dates or women clamoring to be with them (either sexually or in a committed relationship).  I can only conclude that there's something widely attractive about a guy like Anthony Weiner.  And it's not just about the sexting specifically: guys who cheat, or who are known players always leave a trail of heartbroken women in their wake.  They shouldn't, but they always do.  Weiner being the perfect example.

So I guess, what I'm asking is what is it about these type of men that women seem to find so attractive?  Why is it that women are usually repulsed by seemingly desperate or clingy men (even if these men tend to hide it) but aren't repulsed by men who cheat or sext?

I don't really want to hear that only "low quality" or "only young immature women" go after those types of men.  Because I'd use Ms. Abedin as exhibit A for why that assertion can't be true.  Ms. Abedin was a catch in every sense of the term: beautiful, smart, accomplished, and wasn't immature (she's in her 30s).  It just seems like if you want a safe and secure romantic life, you might as well become like Anthony Weiner.  Again, it's not that being a good guy will ensure a life of celibacy, but we're talking about playing the odds.  The odds are clearly not in the good guys favor.  At least from all the evidence I've seen.

On the other hand, I suppose we have just become so screwed up as a society that we have no idea how to properly handle relationships now.  Or what to really expect or look for in a romantic partner.  Maybe that's why people go for men and women who are less than admirable.

I'd like to think Ms. Abedin could do much better than Anthony Weiner.  But I'm scared that maybe men like Mr. Weiner are the "better men", and that's why she married him and is staying with him.

I really hope I'm wrong though.

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