Friday, September 20, 2013

Race and Dating Post #985 (or something)

Anyone who has read this blog understands that I don't have this problem, but really, is there something inherently evil about wanting to date your own race?  

I ask this because it's a recurring theme I read on the popular blog Nice Guys of Okcupid.  It's supposedly a sign of douchbaggery if you say on your profile that you'd strongly prefer to date someone of your own race or ethnicity.  

Now, I get it.  It's great to be open minded and open to dating anyone.  It really is.  And obviously me being strongly into non-white women I can't imagine strongly preferring to date someone from my own ethnic background.  But, lots of people have all kinds of standards.  Hair color, height, income level, education, political views, musical tastes, drinking vs non-drinking lifestyle, religion, why is it any less legitimate to prefer someone of your own racial background?  

I know the obvious answer is that such an attitude is merely a dog whistle for racism.  I'm not convinced though.  Sure, some people might just be racist, but a lot of people are just not attracted to people from different races.  And obviously some people aren't attracted to their own race.  It's the differences that make this world great.  

From what it looks like Nice Guys of Okcupid has a bit of an ideological bent.  So perhaps this is just a result of someone grinding an ax.  But I want to know: is there anything wrong with preferring to date your own race?  Or even preferring to date other races?  

I'm just not seeing the boogie man here.  But maybe I'm not seeing something...

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