Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Rather Negative Post

I recently had a conversation with someone over relationship/romantic inexperience.  I revealed that I had not kissed a girl and I was 25 years old, and how they would feel about a hypothetical 25 year old kissless virgin.

Her reaction was something along the lines of "whoever you end up with one day will find it sweet that she's your first kiss", etc.

I'm sorry, I have to say it's bullshit.  Most women my age expect an experienced man.  Not necessarily a sex god of some sort, but that he at least knows what he's doing when it comes to kissing, holding hands, being in a relationship, etc.  I know because I've had women tell me as much.  If a woman finds out a guy has never kissed she'll head for the hills as quickly as humanly possible.

I know, I know, not every single woman would react that way.  There might be a handful here or there who are sexually inexperienced themselves (for various reasons) who might prefer inexperienced men, but honestly that's so few and far between.  We're talking about most women, and by "most" I mean somewhere along the lines of 90% or more.

I appreciate words of encouragement, or at least, I appreciate the motivation behind them.  But, I really don't like people who want to give me (or anyone else) false hope.  I know being older and inexperienced is weird.  I know it turns women off a lot.  I don't need you telling me some girl will find it "sweet".  Let's be real here: ain't no one going to find that sweet.

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