Friday, December 27, 2013

2013: A Year in Review

Ah, another lousy year for me.  I don't know how your's was, but I can add another 12 months to my pathetic existence.

The year started out with a funeral.  One of my good friends from college had a parent pass away.  I won't say which parent so as to not give this away, and the passing wasn't sudden, it was the end of a long illness.  So not surprising, but sad nonetheless.

February and March saw me really start to kick it into high gear with the fitness stuff.  Those were some pretty critical months since the winter is when I tend to crave carbs and loathe cardio more than normal.

In April I went to a fundraising event for a local tutoring company.  The company I work for was a sponsor so I had to make the rounds and be sociable.  Met a woman there, who was cute, but drunk.  I gave her my business card when she asked for it but I obviously never heard from her again.  For the best I suppose.

In May I went on the first date I'd been on since early 2011.  Met her from a dating site.  We had coffee in her neighborhood (which was a trek for me) and had a relatively nice time.  But, as I made my way home she emailed me on the website to tell me she wasn't interested in seeing me further.  You win some you lose some I guess.  Nice girl, shame it didn't work out.  I also saw Iron Man 3 in May.  An ok movie, but like Iron Man 2, nowhere near as good as the first movie.  The whole Avengers subplot has kind of ruined some of the Marvel movies I think.

June and July were pretty uneventful.  Went to some ball games, did some stuff, but nothing too spectacular.

August: saw The Wolverine.  Great movie, highly recommend it, especially now since it's out on DVD and BluRay.  I also got a job.  Started out well, but then got really shitty.  That's life I suppose.

September: had a great time at two ballgames.  Including one in which I got to take several friends with me.

October: went to the first Halloween party I've ever been to.  A lot of driving, and it was great to see my friends.  But it wasn't like I met any women or anything.

November: quit my shitty job, went back to my old one (with a raise at least).  Joined a new gym (which is a great gym by the way).

December: went to my friend's birthday dinner, got some good Christmas presents.  That's about it.

I'm still inexperienced.  Just FYI.  If any ladies want to kiss me I'm certainly down.  Just a kiss (maybe make out if you want to, but I'm just looking to have my first kiss).  I'd like to kiss a girl by the end of the year.  Which gives me what, a couple of days to get that done?  Ugh.

So, how was your year?  Shitty like mine?  Better than mine?  Did you actually kiss anyone? Let me know.

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