Sunday, April 27, 2014

Does My Online Persona Damage Me?

I don't usually like posting twice in a day, but this is a post that was a long time coming.  So if you're looking for another helping of my thoughts, welcome to the party.

There's a lot of reasons for this blog, and certainly for my persona as "The Inexperienced Guy".  I like The Inexperienced Guy much better than other words I could have used like "Incel Guy" or "Love-Shy Guy" or "Forever Alone Guy", among others, because in my heart of hearts I hope that this problem I have can be solved by having more experience.  As soon as I get that experience I'll likely close this blog and redirect all my readers to another blog that better fits my life.  The other reason I chose this name is that my advice tends to come from that perspective, that of a sexually and romantically inexperienced man.  It's a good thing and a bad thing of course: I don't have any experience to filter my thoughts on these subjects so I have fresh eyes, but on the other hand I'm certain I lack some wisdom that only experience can give you.  I think the good outweighs the bad, and most are certainly able to take the good and leave the bad if they want.

I choose anonymity because I really don't want people I know in real life to know the things about me that I've revealed in these posts.  Most people in real life think I'm some kind of macho man, silent but reserved type with all the self confidence in the world.  Very few, if any, would guess I was the kissless 26 year old virgin.  There are of course some people who know my real identity, and if you're one of those people it's probably because a) I trust you or b) I like you (yes that way, which is the case for one woman, but I'm pretty sure those feelings are not reciprocated and geography tends to be in the way even if they weren't) or c) both and a and b.

So yes, the persona is meant to protect me.  Protect me from judgement or criticism for what I am and what I think.  I don't think anything I've said on here is particularly monstrous or damning, but much of it might make people think I have severe mental issues.

So is this persona damaging?  Am I like Batman and Bruce Wayne, where the anonymous masked personality has overtaken the real person?  If I suddenly by some miracle met a girl and we hit it off and started dating and I got all of that experience I've been lacking would The Inexperienced Guy just go silently into that good night?  Or would he just morph into something else, ready to rear his ugly head at some future inopportune time?  It's hard to say.

So what say you readers?  Does my anonymous persona hurt my own growth and development?  Or is just a healthy expression of my thoughts and fears?

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